Read the CBS news Article: “Russian disinformation network targets politicians ahead of EU elections” with quotes by Thanos Sitistas Epachtitis

“Researchers from the European Digital Media Observatory say the network’s use of artificial intelligence to produce high volumes of content provides an insight into Russia’s disinformation tactics ahead of the U.S. presidential election.”

“Thanos Sitistas, a lead researcher on the Pravda network for the observatory, told CBS News the Russian disinformation network may be testing which narratives have an impact. “The tool/s they use offer a great amount of automation,” he wrote in an email. “For the most part, they pick up content from certain Telegram accounts and reproduce it as it is.”

“They look for weaknesses and strong points and will eventually adjust accordingly,” he said. “They also map the local information landscape and could adapt their future strategies, by ascertaining which narratives have impact and which don’t.”

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