Cybersafety IV

The objective of the “CYberSafety IV” is to enable the continuation and further develop the existing Safer Internet Centre (SIC) in Cyprus, through a national platform closely linked to the Core Service Platform running a range of Safer Internet services by providing:
1. An awareness raising centre targeting children, parents and teachers, childcare workers and other professionals working with children (eg. Health professionals) about better and safer use of the internet, building on digital repositories, from which specific awareness toolkits and services will be adapted and deployed in cooperation with third parties, such as: schools, industry and relevant national stakeholders.
2. A helpline service that provides support to young people and their parents regarding harmful contact, offensive conduct (e.g. cyberbullying, hate speech, sexting) and undesirable or harmful content.
3. A hotline for receiving and managing reports from the public related to illegal online child sexual abuse material (CSAM).
The Cypriot SIC will continue to further develop their role, by providing generic services and closely coordinate their activities with the Core Service Platform, the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) and INHOPE networks.

CyberSafety: CEF CYBERSAFETY IV Telecom Safer Internet.

Total project funding: 1118894.70 Euro. Funding for CUT: 50000.56 Euro

You can find more information for the CYberSafety IV research project here.