NOTRE network aims to:

  • Address networking gaps and deficiencies between SCRC and internationally leading research institutions.
  • Enhance the Science and Technology (S&T) capacity of the linked institutions.
  • Support innovation and scientific excellence of personnel in Social Computing in Cyprus.
  • Bring scientists from internationally-leading counterparts in Europe to promote a culture of excellence and innovation in Cyprus.
  • Help raise the SCRC’s staff’s research profile as well as the profile of the institutions involved.

To achieve the NOTRE aims, we will work towards the following concrete objectives:

  • To strengthen work in the domain of Social Computing in Cyprus. This will be done through collaborations, networking events and training sessions between SCRC and the four internationally-leading partners, under the proposed NOTRE Network.
  • To strengthen the potential of the SCRC team to produce a community of skilled researchers with a strong research capability in computing research and understanding of other domains, particularly social sciences, which are needed to deliver the benefits of Social Computing.
  • To ensure the long term sustainability of Social Computing research in Cyprus.

NOTRE: Network for sOcial compuTing ResEarch. H2020 Twinning.
Total project funding: 1M Euro. Funding for CUT: 450K Euro.

You can find more information for the NOTRE research project here.