CYberSafety II

CYberSafety II brings together major national stakeholders in order to create a safe internet culture, empowering creative, innovative and critical citizens in the digital society. CYberSafety II aims to provide an awareness platform where actors can find resources and tools, share experiences, expertise and good practices. At the same time it aims to contribute towards a European approach and provide qualitative and quantitative feedback at European level, through the core service platform. The operation of the Helpline will ensure that all actors get advice and support by trained supporters/helpers in real time on issues related to their use of online technologies. The operation of the Hotline will ensure that all actors can report illegal content or actions related to illegal child sexual abuse material, racism and xenophobia. At the same time all illegal cases will be forwarded to the responsible body for action. CYberSafety II will add to the existing work in Cyprus by focusing on new needs deriving from the evolvements on national and European level.

CyberSafety: CEF CYBERSAFETY II Telecom Safer Internet.
Total project funding: 494,86K EuroFunding for CUT: 49,94K Euro.

You can find more information for the CYberSafety II research project here.