MedDMO: Mediterranean Digital Media Observatory

MedDMO project aims to expand the regional coverage of EDMO, in which new (multi)national hubs or Centres for Research on Disinformationwill be created in the Member States not yet covered by the existing hubs. Within this context, MedDMO proposes to set up a multinational, multilingual, and cross-sectoral Mediterranean Research Centre against Disinformation (MedDMO hub) for action, research, and education to counter disinformation in Greece, Cyprus, and Malta. In addition, this proposal is in line with the scope of the Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL), which focuses on the digital transformation of Europe’s society and economy, bringing digital technology to businesses, citizens, and public administrations.

The rationale behind creating a multinational hub covering Greece, Cyprus, and Malta follows the similarities among these countries. First, the language similarity (Greek language in Greece and Cyprus, and English language in all three countries) makes the spread of disinformation between these countries easier, and at the same time, it makes the collaboration of fact-checkers across the countries more meaningful. In addition, the three countries have geographical proximity, which further supports the collaboration in a multinational hub. All of them are located in the Mediterranean area, sharing common experiences and cultural similarities with disinformation narratives that share common characteristics (e.g. on migration or climate change)

Our vision is to set up a Mediterranean Digital Media Observatory, which, based on advanced tools and operational methodologies, will strive to detect disinformation, analyze disinformation campaigns, train and bring together professionals with different backgrounds and expertise, and empower citizens at regional, national and EU level.

MedDMO: Mediterranean Digital Media Observatory. DIGITAL-2021-TRUST-01.

Total project funding: 1499979.50 Euro. Funding for CUT: 158360.00 Euro

You can find more information about the MedDMO research project here.