Discussing cybersafety with 8th Limassol Primary School

Our lab visited the 8th Primary School of Limassol on 12/04/2022 to talk about Online Social Networks, their risks, and minor users.

Our lab member, Pantelitsa Leonidou gave a talk to the students of 5th and 6th grade, about the online risks they may experience online and advised them on how to detect/avoid/handle those risks.

Later the students had the chance to learn about cybersafety tools, how the tools can help them stay safe online, and get to know the tools developed by our team, the “Cybersafety Family Advice Suite”(CFAS) tools.

At the end of the discussion about Cybersafety for minor online users, the students had the chance to participate individually in the user experience evaluation of our tools CFAS and have a hands-on experience with the latest technology cybersafety tools.

This activity is funded by the Cybersafety (https://cybersafety.cy/en/) and Concordia (https://www.concordia-h2020.eu/) EU projects.

We want to thank the teachers and the school principal for their help and collaboration to organise the visit. Especially, we want to thank our young friends who were enthusiastic and interested to learn the most out of our short cybersafety course!