The NetSySci is equipped with a cluster of 15 powerful PCs and 3 servers, 23 CISCO (2910/11) routers, and 20 CISCO switches. The main research topics investigated by the faculty members of the Lab includes the following:

  • geometric approaches to the analysis of large-scale networks and big data;
  • self-organized systems (e.g., social, Internet, and brain networks): properties, evolution, realistic topology generators, future/missing link prediction, community detection;
  • mathematical physics of networks (Hamiltonian/Lagrangian dynamics);
  • navigation/routing in the Internet and other complex systems;
  • statistical inference methods and hyperbolic mapping of real networks;
  • network performance analysis and large-scale simulation;
  • Peer-to-Peer systems;
  • Software-Defined-Networks (SDNs);
  • Device-centric Access Control;
  • Dynamic Scaling for DBaaS systems;
  • Exploiting social trust to secure OSN systems.

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